My name is Noëlla Nechelput and I graduated in 2014 from the Academy in Zottegem. Over the years you can see a certain evolution in my work, especially towards the use of materials. Where I used to work on canvas, I started to focus on painting on textiles during my specialization years. This evolution is very easy to explain by the fact that I work with fabrics every day as a stylist.

By bringing the piece of textile and the scene that I paint together, the work takes on a totally different dimension, I create a kind of symbiosis. A work is created or based on the fabric with which I have a coup de foudre (through touch, through colors that have been processed, through the weaving technique). What I then paint on the piece of fabric will gradually come together in my head. Or I start from something that touches or fascinates me in my daily life and then I try to find the 'perfect' material that matche these ideas.

First I make the drawing with charcoal, the painting itself is done with oil paint. The people I paint are usually people from my environment. There is also an evolution in the size of the canvases. I like to indulge myself while painting, use large brush strokes and find that the motifs come into their own better.